About Majid Nouhi

TMJ. disorders
From: Sweden


He was born in 1947 in Tehran. He obtained his dental studies at the university of Stockholm (Sweden.
The subject of TMJ. Temporomandibular joint in Sweden is indipendent department and the scholars in this department are profetional and specialist in TMJ.
Dr. M.Nouhi took the TMJ. lesson for 305 hours of theory and practice in Stockholm school of Dentistry and in addition completed two graduated courses as well.
He also thought in Islamic Azad University Dental Faculty and tought TMJ. about 12 hours per semester.
He was teaching honorary at Shahid Beheshti dental school for 3 years.
His articles are as below:

  1.     Translation of the book "The unbearable headaches" which is about TMJ.
  2.     An article in clinical Oral Physiology (about TMJ.)
  3.     Translation of "Prevention of caries"
  4.     Translation of "Uptake, Distribution, and Excretion of Fluoride"
  5.     Translation of "Taxicology and medical aspects of Fluoride"
  6.     Translation of "Resistance of Teeth"
  7.     etc.

Dr.Nouhi had several lectures in the dental congress and seminars which take place every year in Tehran.

Dr.Nouhi was a four year term as a member of the board of Medical Council of Islamic Republic of Iran.
He is a member and vice president of the Islamic General Dental Association since its foundation.